Dear Diary,

I’m confused. I thought this summer was supposed to be my best ever, so how come I feel so sad? Everything seems to be going wrong. Well, everything except Skye. She’s so pretty and she always knows what to say.

I watched this video earlier by some guy named ‘the Guru’. He seems too big for his boots but he gave some good tips about happiness. He said that being in a relationship would improve things in my life. Someone to be there for me. To care. To love. To have and to hold. Maybe I should just shoot my shot with Skye. I know she’s probably straight and not into me but we’re so close. She’s my best friend and we practically have the same brain so maybe…she likes me too?! Gosh I like her. Maybe the Guru’s video was a sign: That being in a relationship is the right thing for me.

I think I’m gonna ask her out. Maybe just for a mate date first but then I’ll ask her for real. She has to say yes! What’s the deal with boys anyway? They smell and they don’t give good hugs. Girls are much better all round.

Is this how Sappho or Frida Kahlo felt? Maybe should try writing poetry or songs. Or maybe even painting my feelings. I should write a song about Skye. She’d love that.

I’m gonna go ask her to hang out. Phase 1 of finding love is about to begin!!!!!