Fitting in is the new standing out

by Andrea Triste

The key to happiness is finding true friends who you DON’T have to change for.

It’s important to understand that finding happiness is a journey, not a destination. However, there is one thing that can really help you along the way – finding true friends. Now this doesn’t mean the people in your class at school who you text about homework once a month, it means the people you have a genuine connection with. People who like you for who you are. If you find people who make you feel like you fit in, happiness will soon follow.

It is easier said than done, so here’s three of my top tips on finding friends that you ‘click’ with.


1) Find people with the similar interests to you

If you enjoy swimming, you may find friends at your local pool. If you enjoy making art, you may find friends in an online artists’ forum! You’ll find it much easier to get along with people who share your passions.


2) Avoid small talk!

Swap ‘What do you think of the weather today?’ with ‘What’s your favourite place to hang out?’ so you can learn more about each other without getting bored!


3) Most importantly, BE YOURSELF!

True friends want to be friends with YOU, not some pretend version of yourself. Always remember you don’t have to change for anyone.

It may take time, but once you’ve found ‘your people’, you’ll find that you feel much happier every day!