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“Don’t Stress, Jess” has been created and developed by young people aged 15-16 in West Yorkshire, as part of School of 2020. School of 2020 is one strand of Playhouse Connect, Leeds Playhouse’s response to the coronavirus situation.

Over two months, we met on Zoom and practised performance skills, developing our ideas into the story of Jess, who was on a search for happiness. Outside of sessions, young people wrote diary entries, monologues, penned songs, recorded YouTube videos and staged fictional Zoom chats between their characters. We are really proud to be able to bring all of this outstanding creative work together in “Don’t Stress, Jess”.

For information about how to get involved, or stay involved, at the Playhouse, click below:

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For Leeds Playhouse

Director – Joe Gilmour-Rees
Creative Education Manager – Amy Lancelot
Creative Engagement Assistant – Seherish Mahmood
Support Workers – Niamh Bryson & Nicole Joseph
Senior Youth Work Officer – Shreena Gobey
Associate Director, Creative Engagement – Alex Ferris

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Wrote the finding happiness article
Played the role of Skye in the text messages and phone call
Developed narrative on finding love
Contributed to Instagram stories and images

Performed in Zoom chat
Created Instagram account
Created Instagram stories
Recorded Instagram chats
Performed as the Guru
Performed in Zoom chat
Created Instagram account for character
Charlotte L
Wrote two diary entries
Performed as Jess in Zoom chat
Created Instagram account for character
Charlotte R
Wrote two diary entries in the love story
Co-wrote and performed as Jess in the phone call with Skye
Edited the Guru video
Wrote the intro music for the guru video
Co-wrote and performed in the text conversation with Skye
Created an Instagram account for the character Annabelle
Organised and participated in the zoom call
Participated in the group chat conversation
Composer, lyricist, producer and vocalist of “I’ll Love Again” and “forgive and forget me not”.
Editor of the music video for “I’ll Love Again”.
Created Instagram account for character
Performed in Zoom chat as part of Art group

Photo Credits

Photo of Leeds – Lison Zhao
Photo of diary (edited) – Gabrielle Henderson