Before we start the story…

In the Spring of 2020, Britain went into lockdown, and students were sent home from school. For some of them, this meant missing out on the biggest milestones of a teenager’s life: GCSE exams, study leave, results day, prom and the last day of school.

At Leeds Playhouse, we wanted to help these students to explore what missing these milestones meant, and to support them in creating a piece of art to reflect this.

Co-created with the young people and theatre-maker Joe Gilmour-Rees, this story was built over weekly Zoom sessions, and utilises a whole range of media. We could not have imagined the creativity, imagination and passion that was to go into this ‘lost yearbook’. The characters, events and art have all been created, written and performed by the young people.

In the end, they didn’t want to talk about the pandemic, or school, or loss, but instead happiness.

Amy Lancelot
Creative Education Manager, Leeds Playhouse